Use Trick Shot® Marine Lubricant & Cleaner with confidence for all your tough applications to fight corrosion, clean & degrease, protect fiberglass, and lubricate. Our nozzle has 2 spray options. Choose “Stream” for applications needing direct contact, or “Spray”, for applications requiring more surface coverage. Trick Shot® Marine Lubricant & Cleaner is 100% biodegradable and qualifies as a VGP environmentally acceptable lubricant, making it safe and hazard free for use around waterways. See for container details.

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MARINE Lubricant & Protectant 16oz 12-Pack


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Cleaning or degreasing – Spray onto affected area to remove grease, scuff marks, adhesives, gum, tar, etc. Great for stainless steel.

Lubricating – Spray onto area to lubricate moving parts such as hinges, locks, rollers, wheels, pulleys and other rotating parts to eliminate squeaks and friction to provide better performance. Ideal for harsh environments. Smooth quiet operation is assured to temperatures below -10 Deg.

Penetrating – Spray onto rusted, corroded, squeaky, or seized parts. Allow a few minutes for the penetrating properties to restore action. This will be enhanced by moving or tapping the part. Severe cases may require more than one application.

Protecting – Apply onto all types of metals, fiberglass and other corrosion-prone surfaces to protect against the elements, including salt
water, that can cause rust, corrosion and scum.



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