Eliminate spooking game by using Trick Shot’s® “Naturally Scented!” Sportsman Lubricant & Protectant on all of your outdoor hardware and needs. Shortly after your first application , you will soon have the confidence to operate at the top of your game without any hesitations. Trick Shot’s® fast acting formula will help fight corrosion, lubricate, prevent and penetrate rust, protect, clean and unlock any seized parts on your archery, firearm, hunting and fishing hardware. Our nozzle has 2 spray options. Choose “Stream” for applications needing direct contact, or “Spray”, for applications requiring more surface coverage. Trick Shot® Sportsman Lubricant & Protectant carries zero petroleum distillates, therefore, it’s 100% biodegradable , non-toxic and unharmful to the environment, making it ideal for responsible use on land or water. See for container details.

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SPORTSMAN Lubricant & Protectant 16oz


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Lubricating – Spray or drop to quickly quiet and ensure smooth operation of bows, crossbows, firearms, tree stands, backpacks, carabiners, fishing reels and downriggers. Smooth/quite operation is ensured to temperatures dropping to -15 Deg F.

Protecting – Use on tree stands, firearms, archer gear, fishing gear and boating equipment to protect against the elements including salt spray.

Cleaning or degreasing – Spray on affected area to remove grease, adhesives, pine tar, etc. Great on stainless steel.

Penetrating – Use on rusted, corroded, squeaky or seized parts such as tree stands that have been left in the elements. Allow a few minutes for the penetrating properties to restore action. Sever cases may require a second application.



CONTAINS: Soy Oil Plus, Non-Toxic Copolymers, Solvent Dye

CAUTION: Contents are combustible. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Do not allow to pool on painted areas or applied color/camo for extended periods of time. Do not allow contact with rubber or gasket materials. Performance will degrade at temps below -15 Deg. F.

FIRST AID: In case of eye contact, try flushing the affected area with clean water for 15 minutes, or better yet, seek medical attention immediately. In case of skin contact, wash the affected part of the skin with soap and water. If overcome by vapors, remove to fresh air. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting, contact physician immediately.

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