We developed the 4 oz dropper package after receiving numerous customer requests. This package, now in a 24 pack, features an economical, high quality, and recyclable PET bottle. The tapered tip of the dropper cap can be cut or clipped back as the user chooses to allow squeezing of a little or a lot of our same great Trick Shot ® product. Your dropper will arrive sealed, but once cut can be re-sealed with the included red cap. This bottle is perfect for accurate delivery on all your small needs and low cost enough to keep separate bottles in your glove box, tool bag, purse, drill press, and kitchen and desk drawers. As you know, a little bit of Trick Shot® goes a long way, so always keep a bottle at arm’s length. See for more container details.

A 100% biodegradable product, Trick Shot® Penetrating Lubricant is not harmful to the environment, thus making it ideal for agricultural, automotive, food processing, household, industrial, and marine, applications.

SDS Sheets





Protecting – Apply to any type of metal or surface to protect against elements like saltwater, that may cause corrosion and rust.

Penetrating – Apply to corroded, rusted, seized or squeaky parts. Give a few minutes for the substance to take effect. Moving or tapping the part will help to enhance the process. More than one application may be needed for severe cases.

Lubricating – Apply to moving parts for lubrication. These include hinges, rollers, locks, pulleys, wheels, and other rotating parts. It will help to eliminate friction and squeaks, providing better performance. It is also ideal for harsh environments.

Cleaning/degreasing – Apply to the intended area to remove scuff marks, gum, tar, adhesives, etc. It is great for stainless steel and a whole lot more.

Can Item #: TSPL4OZDPR24PK

Additional information

Weight8 lbs
Dimensions12.5 × 8.5 × 6.75 in